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Maeng da Kratom : The Awesome Stimulant Review 2019

Kratom is a tropical tree which can be found in Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Thailand, and Malaysia countries. The leaves of this tree are used for medicinal purposes. The numerous health benefits that come with Kratom leaves can be divided into nutrients and chemical...

Cannabidiol Effects?

When people think about edibles, they often think of marijuana. However, it's also possible to purchase edibles that are made with CBD. These edibles are similar to the ones that contain THC, but they don't have any psychoactive properties. If you've seen these...

Full Spectrum CBD Oil

CBD Isolate Vs. Full Spectrum   The cannabidiol market has been growing rapidly in recent years all over the globe. With the number of countries legalizing medical and recreational marijuana increasing year by year, there is much buzz around what CBD is, how it...

Travel Health Support

Our nursing team brief thousands of individuals every year in how to avoid preventable illness and injury, so that international workers and volunteers are up to date with vaccinations, fully informed about how to stay safe and well on assignment and know how to...

Medical Support

We believe in the integrated care of staff and are committed to this approach. We offer a unique health service that keeps in mind the physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual health issues affecting your staff and volunteers. If you, or your staff and...

Psychological Health Support

Staff health and wellbeing is central to the capacity of any organisation. Our emphasis is on empowering and facilitating people to understand themselves, to cultivate resilience and where possible to promote their recovery to full psychological health. Our...


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