Why Managing Pain with Opioids Is a Bad Idea – Drug Rehab for Couples

Opioids are often prescribed to patients suffering from immense pain. It is a pain management drug
quite common in cases where the pain is chronic. Opioids work by numbing the part of the brain
that controls pain to provide a pain-free sensation.
Opioid addiction is very common among couples. If one partner is dependent on drugs, the other is
likely to fall down that rabbit hole as well.
Imagine this scenario – a married couple was in a car crash and were prescribed painkillers to numb
their pain. It will be easy for them to become dependent on opioids to numb their pain. And once
you are hooked, it is very hard to break the habit. Drugs like heroin are pain suppressors that such
people often turn to once they run out of their prescription.
Drug Dependency in Couples
It is common for couples to form a dependency on opioids. Married couples have similar habits and
routines. The stress of family life combined with other issues can push couples towards opioid
Signs of Opioid Addiction
Addicts are often in a state of denial. They make themselves believe that they have control over
their actions and can stop any time they want. There are some general signs that indicate opioid
dependency or addiction. Following are some of them:
 Insomnia
 Anxiety
 Constricted pupils
 Restlessness
 Slowed movements, speech, and thoughts
 Drowsiness
 Memory impairment
 Depression
 Drug cravings
 Withdrawal symptoms like phantom pains
Drug Rehab for Couples
Once you have accepted that you have a problem and decided to seek help to treat this illness, it is
important to have a support system. Couples lean on each other in good times and bad. Kicking a
drug habit together could bring them closer together.

Drug rehab for couples allows partners to stay with each other while going through treatment. It
gives them a chance to fight this problem with a united front and overcoming their addiction
together. It provides them with the tools to help themselves and their partner overcome addiction
and prevent relapse.
Opioids Detoxification
Overcoming opioids addiction is a battle. Coming out the other side as a winner takes hard work and
The opioids treatment begins with detoxification. The detoxification period is different for everyone.
Some people take just 5 days to get detoxicated, while for some people it can take 2 weeks. It is
possible that the period of detoxification for you and your partner can vary.
It is important that detoxication is done under supervision because it can cause severe withdrawal
symptoms including chills, fever, muscle aches, abdominal pain, agitation, and insomnia.
Drug Rehab and Residential Treatments
Couples battling opioid addiction can take advantage of both residential and hospital-based
treatments. If the married couple can’t leave their house due to some reason, they can get services
to help them get treatment from home.
If there is nothing tying them to their home, they can get help from drug rehab for couples.
Medication, counseling, and behavioral therapy can be used for treating opioid addiction.

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