Triangle Bandage

Anytime that a person is cut or scratched, they may be in need of a bandage. It helps to stop the blood from oozing out of the wound and helps to protect a person from infection. Most people decide to put some type of disinfecting ointment on the wound before they place it over it to further protect from any chances of getting an infection. Infections from cuts and scrapes can become dangerous if they are not kept under control in some way so the best protection is the use of disinfecting ointment combined with the bandage.

A Triangular Bandage

A triangular bandage is used in first aid and it is made from cloth. The cloth is cut into a right angle that forms a triangular bandage. The standard size of this type of bandage is 40x40x56 inches. There are many uses for triangle bandages and here is a listing of some of them.

1. Head Injury – Head injuries can be very serious. A triangular bandage can be used on the wound until a person can get to a medical facility for further testing. It can be wrapped around the head and taped into place so that the bleeding is contained for transporting the person to the medical facility. Sometimes we see a sling used in an aid kit or aid kits. Most websites have an add to cart option for aid supplies. Ice packs are important when it comes to reducing swelling so with the proper training you can really help rescue people with these types of injuries.

2. Minor Hand Burns – When a person experiences minor hand burns, they can use a triangle to assist in the healing process. They will first want to put some disinfecting ointment on the burn and then secure the bandage in place by using medical tape. For major burns, a person will want to go to an emergency room for specialized care but the triangular bandage aid kit can help until that assistance is available. Always let people know if you are in a position to need aid supplies.

3. Sprained Ankle – Using triangular bandages for a sprained ankle is also common. Since people are able to use the bandage in an easy way, it can cease the blood from escaping the wounded area and offer support to the sprained ankle. Making sure that the person seeks medical care is what should happen relatively soon after a sprain has occurred. Most of the time safety pins can be used to secure the sling in any rescue.

4. Blood Wounds – The bandage is excellent for use with bleeding wounds. It is important that a person have the disinfecting ointment on the wound to prevent infection. Since infections can be serious, it is a good idea to change the bandage on a regular basis. The bandage needs to be disposed of properly in the garbage after use. Most people put them in a place bag and tie it before placing it in a garbage can.

5. Eye Injuries – Using this gauze sling product for eye injuries is also common. It is imperative that special care is taken around the eye area. Since these types of injuries can have lasting effects, it is a good idea to get the person that has eye injuries in to see a medical professional as soon as possible. In order to apply, training is needed for the rescue of the eye. This can be a sensitive item and all aid kits and aid supplies can be needed not just the triangular sling.

Purchasing (Add to Cart Options)

People can find a triangular product in the first-aid section of any store. They may want to take advantage of any sales, discounts, coupons, and promotions that are being offered at any given time. This can help them to save money and they will have a selection of various triangular sling to choose from. They come in a variety of sizes and styles in the cart.

People that use triangle bandages need to be sure that they are placing them correctly on the wound, they need to rescue the victim in a timely manner. Once they are in the habit of doing this properly, they will be able to do it easily. They will also want to dispose of it in a proper manner.

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